Ryan and Karen David

NACIONALE BLADEWORKS is a project born out of our love for the rugged and fast-paced nature of a professional kitchen. We are committed to providing top-tier Japanese-style knives that will meet the standards of professional cooks and chefs.

Here at Nacionale, we meticulously design our cutlery, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese Bladesmiths, as well as independent modern knife makers. We aspire to make our knives accessible to the home cook, and meet the expectations of seasoned chefs as well. Combining traditional techniques and modern advancements in metallurgy, each knife is carefully crafted by our partner bladesmiths who make sure that everything is in its best condition. Our offerings are proven reliable and dependable by professional cooks and chefs in the most demanding of kitchens. We make real sharp knives, for real sharp cooks.

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Ryan and Karen David

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